The Story of a Unique Blink on an Incisor tooth

Once upon a time, there was a little crystal. He went through some tough times until he came to life, but he was so different from his friends. He was made with his back flat, all his other brothers born before or after him they all had lovely pointy backs, sharp and long. But his back was flat. He thought he was a mistake especially because his brother would make fun of him, telling him he will never find an owner, and will never be loved.

Days past and one by one his brothers were leaving to be part of a wedding ring, an anniversary necklace, and birthday present earrings. He was left alone, and for many days nobody bothered to open his box.

He was lonely and sad.
But one day … something changed.
He was picked up and put in a small transparent rounded box. He had no way to know how this will completely change his life. Right now, all he knew it was that He is alone and scared. He has never been out of his box before. And nobody who ever been out from their velvet box ever returned to told them how things were outside ….

That day his life changed forever.
A gentle hand picked him up and moved him in a tiny rounded and transparent plastic container. He was so exciting, and he believed that he would be the next attraction of a very sophisticated wedding or the star of a wedding anniversary or the surprise at a beautiful birthday party. But after a not so long trip, his little rounded transparent box was packed in a cardboard box. He waited and waited for a long time, but nothing happened. Nobody came by; nobody searched for him. There was no glamour, no famous, no blinking, Just another lonely place.

His days were dull, and nothing changed. From time to time, he would hear some strange noises but never to close to him, so he never knew what was going on.

One morning he woke up while his box was waving in the air …. what’s going on he was asking himself? Will they throw me away so I will not use the space in vain any more?

Not much longer, his box was set on a very lit but small table. There were some very long and shiny metal tools next to him. What’s going on? What are they going to do to me?

He heard people talking joyfully.
One lovely young lady was admiring his perfect edges. He started to relax. He thought: “I’m saved! I will be part of the beautiful jewellery, and everyone will see me.”.

He initially became startled, when some cold and robust tools pick him and set him on a white and strong surface. He had no idea where he was and what was going on. Some robust tool was holding him, and he could not see much. Then he felt some sticky and cold transparent glue around him. At first, it felt strange, but then he started to adjust. Then a very intense, blue light came on top of him, and he felt like popcorn just before poping. But at least all this experience did not last long. After a few sharpen tools went around him, he realized he could not move any more. He was bonded on that white surface. What was this surface?
The intense blue lite came from behind, and he imagined that everyone was laughing about his ugly flat back. But there was just silence. All his life waited for this moment. To be someone important, to show his beauty, but now he was not so sure he could blink any more. What if nobody likes me, he thought? Just then, some cold soft liquid touched him, was a strange kind of tickle he never felt before. But then something even more strange happen to him… something came over him, and he could not see anything anymore. He was almost suffocating when the light came back, and the enormous warm blanket that covered him moved away.

Soon his world was about to shake. He was no longer steady. He felt the gravity force pulling him down, but that powerful, transparent bond was holding him straight. It seems he can not fall from where he was. Then he heard the most beautiful sound he ever heard. It was the sound of a happy and enthusiastic young and beautiful lady that was admiring his beauty. For the first time, he could see himself in a mirror. He was shining, blinking and glamourous. He never imagined he would live on a durable white surface, bonded and covered from time to time with a soft and warm blanket.

The moment the red blanket raised, he saw more people around looking at him with admiration and pleasure. He was loved and appreciated. When the young lady pulled the mirror again to look at him, he realized that the white and firm surface was a gorgeous incisor tooth. And that beautiful voice and face was the voice and the face of his new owner. Her smile was hearth worming, and her beauty was almost troubling.

He was no longer alone!
He was so happy that he blinked! His new owner seen it and she was so pleased about it.
His life will never be the same again. A young and wonderful lady, with a beautiful white smile, decided to have this beautiful crystal with a flat back on her incisive tooth, to show everybody that all crystals are gorgeous!

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