Reasons to be Thankful in a Pandemic era

It is that time of the year when we look back, and we realize how many blessings we do have, and we are grateful for all of them.

This year, many blessings were disguised and hard to see with the naked eye. 2020 was the year of turbulence and trials greater than what we had before form some points of view. We faced the first pandemic in our life, we had to learn, to grow and to adapt to new situations and contexts. Despite all this, we are thankful.

We made a list with all the things, us, as a dental office in SW Calgary, we are thankful for during 2020 year.

Things we are thankful for in 2020

1 You

We are so thankful to have you as our patient, fan, supporter, and partner. We are so happy that we could help so many new patients while other offices were forced to close for a while. We are so grateful that we can have an impact on your life, and help you take control of your oral and general health.

2 Partners

During this year we realized once again how important it is to have partners that you can count on, from medical supplies, technical services, computer and technology services, laboratory services, they are all so important for our patients and us. Without our trustful partners, we could not transform the lives of so many people. Every one of you is important, and we are very grateful to have you. Thank you.

3 Staff

We learned again that good dental practice is only as great as the staff that work there. We are so proud to have the best people in our team. We are honoured and blessed to have you all, and we appreciate your hard work and sacrifice. Thank you.

4 Technology

More then before, this year we learned to appreciate the all the technology that allows us to connect and communicate easier with our patients, alt the software that helps make our work easier and better, and all the latest technologies that allow us to see and evaluate your oral and general health, while others help us restore your beautiful smile in a pleasant, better and faster way.

5 Learning

Not only that we had to learn and adapt to a pandemic, but we are so thankful that our dentist, Dr Violet Newman participated and got certified to use 2 new treatments and procedures in our office. The first one was just before the pandemic started. Dr Newman is certified in using CBCT scans, which give a more accurate, 3D version of X-rays that increase the accuracy of diagnostic and treatment planning for our patients. And recently Dr Newman was also certified to implement Seep Apnea evaluations and treatment protocols in our office. We are so thankful that our dentist loves to learn and grow and be better every day. This makes her a knowledgeable dentist and a wonderful person to talk to, knowing that she knows and she is passionate about it. Will let you know all about these new treatments that we can offer later on.

6 Friendships

2020 is the year when social distancing is one of the most used words but is also the year when we were blessed to have not only patients but friends. We were so spoiled this year, with fruits, chocolates, and just some significant connections, in the midst of “keeping 6feet apart” era. Than you for your care, for us, and seeing us not just the dentist, but your friends. Thank you.

7 Cleaning solutions

Working in the medical field, we have to face every day all kinds of viruses and bacterias, pathogens, germs and many more … but this year, this battel moved from our office to everyone’s life. We are all more aware of all these harmful things around us. We all had to learn how to wash our hands properly, how to wear a mask properly, how to clean and what kind of chemical solutions to use to kill these harmful pathogens around us. We all learned we all grow, and we are so glad to live in 2020 when we have so many options for cleaning solutions for all this.

8 Team meetings

It is known that difficult times will help people create more meaningful relationships. 2020 is the year of Team meetings. We are so grateful to have our amazing team and to have the opportunity to grow together as a team is fantastic. We are so enthusiastic to see how things will grow for us and how we will continue to develop as a team to work even better together, so you can benefit to better quality services every day!

9 Possibility to Serve

While the most difficult time of the pandemic, in March-May 2020, when many of our colleague’s dentists had to close their office, either because they were not feeling well, because of not enough staff, not enough patients, or being a high-risk person themself, we had the opportunity to serve. It was our pleasure and honour to be here and serve all dental emergencies in Calgary and metropolitan area. We had many crazy days, with cancellations, no shows, but we seen tears of joy, we received many “Thank you” from our patients that finally found a place to solve their pain and dental issue. It is our joy to see peoples life transform by what we do. We were honoured and happy to serve any time, during a pandemic or normal times, we are here for you.

In the midst of difficulty, be thankful!

Now we want to encourage you to take some time and think about the things you are thankful for during this year, what is the full part of the glass for you. What is something new you learned this year, what is something new you did this year, that would have never imagined yourself doing? What is something little, but so meaningful? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us rejoice with you, and celebrate this unique year together.